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A legendary Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, painter and printmaker known for his highly original psychedelic pop-art collage posters of the counterculture era. 

A revolutionary figure in the history of art, Tadanori is often credited with capturing the look (and to an extent creating) the iconic psychedelia aesthetic that became so widespread and ubiquitous throughout the late sixties and seventies.

Tadanori Yokoo’s dynamic screen print posters are a unique combination of photography, collage and illustration, blending elements of surrealism, eroticism, dadaism, Indian mysticism, American pop culture, Russian constructivism, Contemporary Japanese culture and the traditional Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e - “pictures of the floating world”). 

His early posters are an explosive fusion of the traditional and futuristic, which helped bring a new cultural vision to post-war Japan, garnering him international acclaim and controversy as a designer in Tokyo’s Avant Garde & Experimental art scenes. Yokoo was always pushing the boundaries of creative expression and managed to revolutionise the concept of the advertising posters forever, using the format not to promote, but to define and identify deeply personal, socio political artistic statements. Bridging the divide between fine art and commercial work.

Over the course of his incredible career, Tadanori has designed album artwork and poster designs for The Beatles, Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Earth Wind and Fire, Cat Stevens, Phoaroah Sanders, John Cale, and his close friend Haroumi Hosono. Yokoo embarked on several trips to india with Hosono during the 1970’s to garner visual inspiration for the album covers designs of both "Paraiso" and "Cochin Moon" (1978).

Tadanori has had an incredible career that has made a long lasting impact on modern popular culture. He's embraced the creation of everything from book covers, animation, painting, illustration, album covers, poster designs, screenprints, theatre stage design and filmmaking. Yokoo currently lives in Tokyo and has been working primarily as a painter since the 1980s, continuing to hold solo exhibitions every year of his brand new material.

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